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Drug Possession Laws & Charges + Statute of Limitations

Drugs, or controlled substances, are materials that the federal government has placed regulations on. Possessing a controlled substance is not a crime in and of itself. In fact, there are many substances that are completely legal to possess and use, but only under specific circumstances. For instance, you may take part in scientific research, or… Read More »

Learning The Different Kinds Of Drug Offenses

Understanding the different types of drug offenses can help you to launch an effective defense if you’ve been charged. Many of these charges carry with them an extremely heavy penalty, so you want to make absolutely sure that you are fully apprised of every accusation that will be launched against you. According to Parsons, Ouverson,… Read More »

How Your Drug Charges Are Determined?

When it comes to criminal charges related to drugs there are many things that need to be considered carefully. As it stands today, there are laws in place in every state and federal jurisdiction across the country. The prohibition of the possession, manufacture, and sale of controlled substances is widely known and whether you’re in… Read More »

10 Most Common Illegal Drugs + Little Known Facts

Years ago, it was relatively easy to identify the most common illegal drugs on the market. Today, however, some drugs that were once illegal are slowly becoming accepted around the country and new ones are emerging to take their place. A perfect example of this is the legalization of marijuana in some states, which has… Read More »

10 Examples Of Drug Distribution Charges

The charge of drug distribution applies to the act of selling, transporting, and the illegal import of controlled substances such as marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine’s, heroin, and other controlled substances as well as the illegal distribution of prescription drugs like pain killers and sleeping pills. Considered a felony charge, drug distribution often comes with extensive prison… Read More »

10 Examples Of Drug Trafficking Charges

A drug trafficking charge can be a difficult situation to get out of. The charge is severe enough and the penalties strong enough that it could completely change your life. Learning about the charges against you and how to defend yourself from this type of situation will require you to have more than a basic… Read More »

10 Examples Of Drug Manufacturing Charges

Coming into direct conflict with the law over drug manufacturing charges is never a happy occasion. Unlike in many other circumstances, you are now not only directly dealing with local law enforcement but also with federal laws as well. The fact that manufacturing a controlled substance is strictly forbidden unless licensed by the government means… Read More »

10 Examples Of A Conspiracy Charge With Drugs

Getting in trouble with the law on any drug related charge is a serious offense. It is a criminal offense when two or more people have “conspired” to perform a transaction involving drugs. While making an exchange may constitute a conspiracy charge the scope of such an accusation is very different from that of the… Read More »

History Of Drug Trafficking + Statistics in the United States

The history of drug trafficking goes back to the nineteenth century when drugs like heroin, cocaine and morphine were introduced into society and exposed people to the dangers of abuse and addiction. The US began adopting restrictions on drug use, distribution and trafficking both locally and the international production of coca and opium crops, but… Read More »

What Constitutes a Federal Drug Conspiracy?

Drug conspiracy laws at the federal level are extremely broad-reaching and carry strong penalties. This area of law dates back to the War Between the States, when Congress sought to protect the country against harm by enacting conspiracy laws that even today remain basically unchanged. The basic thought behind conspiracy regulations is that a group… Read More »

Federal Drug Distribution & Trafficking Laws Demystified

Drug crimes always get a lot of attention. In the last 10 years, there have been all kinds of state and federal cases regarding the possession, sale and manufacture of many types of controlled substances. Drug distribution or trafficking laws penalize you if you engage in the sale, transportation or illegally importation of any illegal… Read More »

FAQ: Federal Drug Indictment Process

Anyone who has been charged with a federal drug crime will probably have many questions that demand answers. The FAQ below is designed to provide you with some of the basic information you need to mount a defense in your case. Remember however that your case is unique, and you need to have your situation… Read More »

Types Of Drug Charges – Trafficking + Manufacturing

The federal and state governments oftentimes work in conjunction with one another when dealing with criminal drug law enforcement, especially when these two entities overlap.  This need to work together is attributed to deciding whether the criminal should be charged for these crimes at the federal or the state level.  In most cases, the individual… Read More »

Statute Of Limitations for Federal Drug Charges

In the American justice system, the maximum time period allowed prior to the start of legal proceedings is known as the Statute of Limitations.  It is oftentimes assumed that the purpose of this time period is to protect defendants in criminal cases.  The true purpose and intent is to ensure that the prosecution in criminal… Read More »

Sentencing Guidelines for Federal Drug Charges

The government has established a set of rules regarding the sentencing of individuals and organizations in the US Federal Court System when they have been arrested and convicted for Class A (serious) misdemeanors and felonies.  These rules are known as the US Federal Sentencing Guidelines.  These guidelines were created by the US Sentencing Commission as… Read More »

Federal vs. State Drug Laws

Federal and state laws both cover a wide range of criminal offenses including those crimes that are drug-related.  Each entity also has different criteria that are used for the actual crime and different prison systems where serving out sentences is concerned.  Naturally, this depends on whether the federal or state government prosecutes the violation.  However,… Read More »

Asset Forfeiture & Seizure for Illegal Substances

When property is guilty of or involved in an illegal activity such as drug-related crimes, it can be seized as punishment for the offense.  This is the legal principle that is the basis for asset forfeiture.  Interestingly enough, this principle dates back to ancient times.  The first asset forfeiture law associated with drug-related activities was… Read More »