Why You Need A Lawyer And How To Work With Him

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Once you’ve been arrested on drug related charges, you must realize that you are facing serious circumstances, which will be difficult for you to handle on your own. From the moment you are taken into custody, every person that you interact with could possibly use whatever you say to incriminate you. There is no better time to have someone on your side guiding you through each step of your journey. According to Palmieri Law,

If you are currently being charged in Federal criminal court, it is important that you speak with an experienced Federal defense lawyer immediately. If you have a prior criminal record in Federal court this can impact sentencing in current or future cases according to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

Without a doubt, a lawyer will prove to be your best friend in this time of stress, but you need to know how to communicate with him and what you can realistically expect.

A Public Defender

If you cannot afford to pay for a lawyer yourself you will be appointed representation from the Office of the Federal Defender. Their sole purpose is to provide legal assistance to people who are facing criminal charges in federal court when they cannot pay.

A public defender is a licensed legal professional that is assigned to provide representation for anyone charged with a crime. Regardless of the charges you face you’ll need to have definite representation. Some people believe that they can handle the case themselves and provide their own defense; however, many may not fully realize the many intricacies of the legal system and may not understand everything that may be involved in the case. If you can’t afford a lawyer, a public defender is your next best thing.


Whether you’re using a private lawyer or a public defender some people feel that it is not necessary to tell their lawyers the truth about the facts of their particular case. They feel the less their lawyer knows the better; however, this is not the wisest of decisions. Everything that you and your lawyer will discuss is considered privileged information and cannot be shared with others. If you fail to disclose everything to your lawyer he may not be able to launch an adequate defense in your behalf. By giving him all the details surrounding the case, you are helping him to prepare your defense.

Bad Advice

Watch out for all the people that will offer you free advice. These could be those who are trying to help like close friends and relatives. However, everyone that seeks to help you may not have your best interests at heart. Always remember that the people that are advising you may not fully understand all the details of your particular case and may actually be misinformed. They may be other inmates that you may come across in the detention center that are also ready to advise you on your best course of action. This could be a problem due to a number of reasons. Notice what the Law Offices of Juan Milanes PLLC say about this,

The most typical ploy is to be approached by an inmate who pretends to be your friend and provides you with advice about your case, but who is actually looking for information he can use to lower his own sentence by “snitching” to the prosecutors about your jailhouse admissions.

When it comes to solid advice, it might be best to only listen to the counsel of your lawyer or another approved representative to guide you. They are there to help you through a very difficult situation and will deserve your respect just as any other professional would expect.

It is much more likely that your lawyer will be one you can trust in every way to help you defend yourself against these charges. Once you and your lawyer have a positive established relationship you will have a much better chance at getting a release than you would otherwise.

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